Spanish Immersion

Our spanish lessons are designed for participants to learn by practicing spanish conversation, while experiencing the qualities of the area, the beautiful surroundings of the hotel in a relaxed and cosy environment.
Participants get involved in different activities to enjoy and use a wide range of vocabulary; learning by experiencing real conversations in Spanish about many different topics.
The lessons are also adapted to each person's interest, combining exciting ecoworkshops with small tutorials that help the participant to define personal learning goals and finally guide the student through the process.
*All prices are per person 1 person         . 2 people          . 3 - 6 people
1 hour lesson 25€ 20€ 15€
3 hour lesson 55€ 44€ 33€
A whole day (8 hours)
110€ 88€ 66€
A weekend (3 days) 13 hours        .
200€ 135€ 100€
Online Skype Sessions are available before or after a residential workshop for 12 Euros an hour.
All the prices include tuition, activities and materials (if anyone would like to make notes, please bring your own notebooks and other materials you need)
Spanish Workshops need to be booked at least a week in advance. 
For booking and more information, please contact