The Sueve mountain range rises from the coastal plains of eastern Asturias, at a short distance from the Cantabrian Sea, giving a height gain of 1159m in only 4km. The range is only about 8km in length, running north-east to south-west. Its distinctive form can easily be picked out at a distance, even from the Picos deEuropa, and the coastal city of Gijón. It is separated from thefoot-hills of the Cordillera Cantabrica by the valley of the River Sella, into which its southern slopes drain. The Fito hills are a low offshoot that runs north-east towards the sea, from the pasture ofBustaco to the beach of Playa la Vega.

Politically, the Sueve straddles four counties of Asturias - Caravia, Colunga,Parres and Piloña. Three of these counties, with the exception of Colunga, have come together to form the "Comarca del Sueve", or Sueve District. The boundaries of this district are different to those of the protected landscape, which are different again to those of the Sueve game reserve. On these pages we are talking about thegeographical rather than political unit of the Sueve, that being themountain range and its slopes.