White Bean Soup & "Chorizo"

For 4                                           
200 g of dried white beans 
Half an onion Two garlic cloves, 
crushed Thyme (fresh or dry) 
One vegetable stock cube 
Olive Oil 
Chorizo (Asturian Red sausage)
1.   Place the beans into soak 12 hours before you need them, cover them with twice their volume of water. 
2.   When you are ready to cook the beans drain the water left from soaking them and place them in a pan with the bay leaf, fill the pan with enough water to cover the beans by two fingers depth. Bring slowly to the boil and simmer for two hours, topping up with cold water when needed. The water should always be about 2 fingers higher than the beans. 
3.   Now we are going to do a "sofrito", as they call it in Spain, this means that we are going to sweat the onion and garlic together in olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes at medium heat, the onions should be soft and clear color. A sofrito is an integral part of many bean stews in Spain, it is separate fritter of  onion, garlic or/and peppers with spices such as paprika, it is added to stews for flavour and calorific purposes. 
4.   10 minutes before the beans are done add the sofrito to the pan. At this point also add the thyme and the vegetable stock cube. 
5.   Once the ten minutes are over remove the beans from the heat and liquidize until you get a nice thin soup. 
6.   If you happen to have chorizo sausage or you know of a traditional smoked red sausage in your area you can complement this soup very nicely. Slice four thin cuts of smoked red sausage and then cut into thin strips, fry it in olive oil until it ends dry and crispy. Use the fried red sausage to garnish this soup. Before you place the chorizo garnish in the center of the soup sprinkle a little bit of finely chopped fresh parsley.
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